First i have to say thanks to all the Origin Systems people for creating the best roleplaying game series ever,

specially Richard Garriot aka Lord British.


Most of the midi music at this website are taken from Telavar's Mysterious Sosaria site.


My good friend Harley from the new world for proofreading.


Ultima and all related terms are copyright by Origin Systems and EA.

  About me  

My name is Dirk (Wilfred of Ivanhoe Dragon -==(UDIC)==-). I am 34 years old and from Germany.

I started playing Ultima in 1990 on my Commodore Amiga; it was Ultima 5 Warriors of Destiny and i loved it from

the beginning. In my spare time i work on this website, play one of the Ultima games or support my favorite football team "Manchester United". I also collect copys of all versions from the Ultima series.



Feel free to sent me a message, if you need help with one of the Ultima games.
You can also contact me, if you have any suggestion about this website or something else.

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