2008-01-20 - Introduction page for Ultima 6 added. Maps and Downloads should be up tomorrow. The old search form will be replaced with a better one in the near future.


2008-01-17 - New Guestbook up and running.


2007-04-23 - Search form added to welcome page.


2007-04-22 - Contact and Credits page reworked, message form added.


2007-04-21 - After over a year without time for my website, i will update a lot of stuff in the coming weeks. Today i have added two new links, one of my favorite football team and the other one of a good friends website.


2006-02-23 - Last part of the Ultima 5 Walkthrough and the rest of the Dungeon Maps added.


2006-02-13 - Second part of my Ultima 5 Walkthrough and another Dungeon Map finished.


2006-02-07 - My Links and Credits pages are up now and two new dungeon maps for Ultima 5.


2006-02-04 - First part of my Ultima 5 Walkthrough is up now, also a Map of the Dungeon Despise. The second part should be available at the end of next week. Changes: I renamed the link names of all Manuals for a better overview.


2006-01-28 - Ultima 5 Introduction, Manual, Map and Download pages added. Ultima 5 Walkthrough coming next.


2006-01-27 - Ultima 3 Exodus and Ultima 4 Introduction, Manual, Map and Download pages finished and up now. My first Walkthrough for Ultima 5 will be available soon.


2006-01-26 - Ultima 2 Map, Manual and Downloads added.


2006-01-11 - Ultima 2 Introduction page up.


2006-01-06 - Manual, Maps and Downloads added for Ultima 1.


2006-01-02 - Ultima 1 First Age of Darkness Introduction and Guestbook added.


2006-01-01 - Happy New Year and Welcome. The Main page is up, but only the News and Welcome sites are available at the moment. I will update the site frequently in the next few days. I tested the Website only under Windows XP SP2 with Internet Explorer 6.0 (no problems were found) and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (Apple Quicktime required to hear the Midi music.) Please let me know if you can't view the website correctly. Contact Wilfred of Ivanhoe Dragon -==(UDIC)==- for assistance.