The First Age of Darkness



In a land called Sosaria longtime ago there was a young evil sorcerer named Mondain; his father, a respected mage, was worried about his son's strange ways. His father had refused to share his secret of immortality with him. When Mondain was fifteen, his father told him to take a year off from magic and that he should live with the brothers of the abbey where he should practice compassion and humility. The next night, Mondain killed his father and took a ruby gem of great power from him. He used the gem's power against itself to produce a black jewel of immortality. Mondain used his dark powers to bring terror across Sosaria.


At the same time Lord British, the ruler of the town Britain called for a champion, who should defeat Mondain. Within days, a adventurer arrived in Sosaria, many years later known as the Avatar. The adventurer grew into a hero as he crossed the land to find Mondain. He tracked him in his hidden lair; the hero slew Mondain and took the gem of immortality from the evil wizard and destroyed it. After the destruction of Mondain, the forces of evil began to wane.








Additional Informations: The first Edition of Ultima 1 was released 1980 for Apple II and published by California Pacific Computers. In 1986, Origin Systems Inc. released the IBM-PC Version. The game was also published for most of the other platforms during that time.