The Third Age of Darkness



Decades passed in relative peace. No one in all Sosaria could have realized that by ending the lives of Mondain and Minax, the Avatar would be orphaning their only child. The name of this unusual child was Exodus, and he was neither machine nor human. Exodus rose from the bottom of the Great Ocean to carry out a campaign of revenge and destruction against the land of Sosaria. One day, a sailor reported to Lord British the appearance of a hitherto unknown island, fiery and emanating terrifying evil. Scouts began reporting malevolent occurrences that seemed to be work of a great evil mind.


Once more, Lord British sent out the call. This time, four strangers appeared. They survived the horrors of great dungeons and with the help of the mystical Time Lord, the heroes found the secret island fortress of Exodus and annihilated it.


After the smiting of Exodus, the people of Sosaria, who lived in terror during the onslaught of these evil magical beings, did unite together as a measure of self-protection under the sovereign rule of Lord British. They called the new world Britannia. Led by wise Lord British, the land come to florish. The eight major townships rose upon the foundations of the old city-states. A renaissance of culture and civilization was highlighted by the formation of great institutions devoted to the study and advancement of the arts and sciences.








Additional Informations: The first Edition of Ultima 3 Exodus was published by Origin Systems Inc. for IBM-PC and other Platforms in 1983.