The Second Age of Enlightenment "Warriors of Destiny"



It seems that by removing the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom the Avatar had inadvertently set into motion a cosmic chain of events which led to the release of three Shadowlords from remnant shards of the black gem of Mondain. These Shadowlords were sinister agents of evil. The once noble Lord Blackthorn became the human agent who fulfilled their evil intent. Soon they managed to dethrone Lord British and hold him prisoner in a foul dungeon. Denied his wisdom and compassion, the kingdom of Britannia quickly grew oppressive and cruel.


This was the Britannia that greeted the return of the Avatar. After a score of valiant struggles, Lord British was liberated, his throne regained and the Shadowlords banished from our world. However, Lord British’s escape from the underworld did cause a tremendously destructive series of earthquakes as the vast network of subterranean caverns collapsed. Much of the gargoyle race did perish in that tragic cataclysm.








Additional Informations: The first Ultima 5 Edition was released in 1987 for Apple II and the IBM-PC Version in 1988. Publisher was Origin Systems Inc.