The Third Age of Enlightenment "The False Prophet"



After the tremors that shook Britannia subsided, gargoyles, inhabitants of the other side of the world who now found their homeland virtually destroyed, began to appear on the Britannian side of the world in increasing numbers as aggressors. They launched vivious attacks against the human race and many were they who lost their lives in defense of our realm.


The gargoyles even attempted to assassinate the Avatar. They set a Moongate trap which lured the Avatar unto their clutches, but the Avatar was rescued by his companions. So it was that Lord British did once again call upon his champion to set the world right. Ending this violent racial conflict was the greatest challenge that the Avatar had ever faced.


At last it was revealed that the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, which had been removed from the underworld by the Avatar, was actually the property of the gargoyles. Therefore, the Avatar placed the Codex into the ethereal void where it would be possessed by neither human or gargoyle. Two lenses, used together in order to view the Codex, were given to Lord British and gargoyle ruler King Draxinusom. As the cause of the conflict between the two races had been removed, it was hoped that the rift between the two world eventually be closed. Those who would say that this terrible and destructive war could have been prevented entirely had the Avatar not appropriated the Codex from its true owners are merely dissidents who are grossly misinformed.








Additional Informations: This game was released in 1990 for different platforms. Ultima 6 was the first part of this series, that supported VGA graphics, soundcard and mouse for IBM-PC's. The Special Edition contained also a audio cassette.